Bloody Stools: What happened after

Posted on January 5, 2010


I'm ill? Absolutely not! I'll wag my tail in disapproval!

So I had the vet (lovely bloke by the name of Bryan) check up on Toby. As it turned out, I was right with Toby having ingested something silly from the backyard.

Toby’s got a case of lower intestinal diarrhea. The classic symptoms are Number Twos with a mucus membrane over it and fresh red blood on the stools. A week’s dose of probiotic mixed in his food should fix his tummy.

I also used the check up for a quick consultation of our furry family mascot’s teeth and his annual C5 vaccination. I fondly remember Toby’s previous C5 vaccine as I was broke, jobless and had a mortgage and massive loans to pay off. I have no idea how I managed to survive those days. Even so, I still managed to spend on Toby as his health and well being is most important to Michele and I. Our lives aren’t complete without him.

As I speak, Toby comes right up to my feet and curls up into a ball. Right on cue, boy!