In a room with 12 women

Posted on January 8, 2010


Hello all, I hope you are well.

Michele and I have just returned from the Frances Perry House for a free guided tour of the maternity wards. Conducted every Tuesday and Thursday, it presents an opportunity for expectant mothers and their partners to view the facilities and pose questions to the guide.

Michele’s already booked in for delivery in one of the birthing suites as Frances Perry’s the preferred choice of our private female obstetrician and gynecologist, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consulting Group. There really is a lot of information for the women’s partners to take in, and doubly so if you are a first time father.

It was a larger than expected crowd, so the tour was broken up into two groups. I counted 12 women – all heavily pregnant – and 11 men. One of the women was alone. You poor thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many pregnant women before. Michele couldn’t help but point out how all of them had swollen feet but she was kindly exempt from it.

‘Soon enough babe’, I thought.

Many of them looked really calm, but perhaps that had something to do with the presence of their partners. When the guide stopped talking, you could almost sense the nervous energy. It bounces off the walls and you could almost pull it out from the air with a sweep of your hand. I reckon it almost made me forget I’m in the company of 12 women, none of whom are virgins!

My only concern was where to park Thumper, and how much it would cost. Parking in the city is notoriously expensive, so I walked down to the underground car park (after being directed by the lovely help staff) to discover for myself how urban this myth is.

Hello what’s this? $9 for the first one hour, and up to $23 per day. Time to file this under ‘Miscellaneous Expenses’ in my monthly budget.

With just ten weeks to go, Michele and I will be more involved in pregnancy-related activities. Michele just signs us up with a passionate but reckless abandon. The way she’s got all these mother-partner activities planned, you’d think we’re having sextuplets!