The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 8 (week 30)

Posted on January 11, 2010


Hey Babe, it HAS grown.

Hello, I hope you have been escaping this wretched summer heat and stayed cool as I did.

Michele’s 30 weeks preggers today, which pretty much means we only have a quarter of our wonderful ‘Big Belly’ journey left. When we discovered the pregnancy at five weeks, we had not anticipated the changes (both physically and mentally) to have left such a beautiful and indelible mark upon us. It has been a wonderful 25 weeks since, and as each day goes by we feel more in control of the daunting tasks presented before us.

‘What tasks?’ you may ask.

Firstly, Michele’s really struggling with moving around. She’s only tiny – around five foot five inches – and carries her lithe pre-pregnancy 55 kg frame with much nimbleness. She’s ballooned to almost 70 kg now and with ten weeks to go she will put on roughly 500 grams each week.

That’s another five kilograms my poor wife has to add on! Even Russell Crowe – who I very much admire as a thespian – had put on and lost weight many times over for his roles over the last decade with professional help. Michele’s just winging it!

Simple chores such as taking the cooking pan from the drawer has become a chore for her and often I find myself running errands at home. Fetch this, grab that. Fortunately she says it with a twinkle in her eye, a beautiful flower on her hair and a big ‘Please.’ Oh the things you do for your wife!

My guess her least favourite time at home would be the arduous trek up 13 flight of steps to the bedroom upstairs. Who knows, but our next Baby might be conceived in a new, single-storey house?

Secondly, the novelty of parenting and everything related to it never seems to grow old on us. I guess parents with three screaming adolescents might disagree otherwise, but we are absolutely loving all the reading material and information sessions available to us through various mediums.

Shopping for baby clothing is always exciting because Michele and I spend half the time arguing what not to purchase. She’s the “I see, I like, I buy” kind of person while I am far more frugal. Furthermore she needs constant reminders we’ll be sinking in baby products from friends and family when Baby is born. Apart from the essentials, there is absolutely no need to go overboard and spend $25 on a size 000 top when Baby’s only going to fit into it for a month!

Thirdly, the times Michele and I share a laughter over a pregnancy-related booboo has brought us closer together. Not that we weren’t close in the first place! Watching her bend over face first into the toilet bowl I could not help but notice Toby sniffing the air at the smell of beef – the beef Michele just hurled. Or telling her how much more I love her as each day goes by because I love the roundness of her belly and how I wished she could be pregnant forever. Look at that disbelieving pout!

Or the one time I accidentally elbowed her belly trying to get through the doorway while she was trying to get through herself. Maybe even those times she reaches out to put her arms around me, only to find she can no longer wrap them as tightly as her belly now greets my belly first.

It’s the littlest thing we found the most amusing. They certainly are memories you pocket away in some recess of your mind, as you are only pregnant for nine months at a time. That’s nine months of amusing memories for each baby, linked with a particular moment in our lives.

For the moment, we will always remember this pregnancy as the most uncertain, the least prepared, much to do, and our first.