Baby’s room – Colouring it

Posted on January 14, 2010


I have just spent the early parts of the afternoon clearing out the our guest room in preparation for Baby’s arrival. The room has previously seen Sandeep occupying it for several months, and prior to that my sister–in-law. Purple’s her favourite colour so Michele and I had painted the feature wall a nice hue of purple.

Furniture placed to one side, a quick vacuum and now the hard decision - what colour for Baby?

Bearing in mind we had no idea what sex Baby will be and partly encouraged by another home project Michele and I could do as parents-to-be, we decided to give Baby’s room a fresh coat of paint before deciding where the furniture will be placed.

We picked up three colour samples we really liked: Fresh Frappe, Lemon Delicious and Citrino and painted three swatches over the old feature colour to see how well it would look. The interior of our house was given a pale, creamy shade when we first moved in, so it’s important the new colour looks cozy against the colour. So the room now looks like this:

I can’t really decide what colour to go with. Michele’s keen on Lemon Delicious and Fresh Frappe.

From left: Lemon Delicious, Fresh Frappe and Citrino.

What do you guys think?

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