Baby’s room – It’s coloured!

Posted on January 17, 2010


Fresh Frappe looking relaxed and neutral in the day.

Michele and I decided on Fresh Frappe. It looks like a paler version of our feature wall in the lounge room, but it’s less vibrant, more relaxing and almost seems like we’re entering a quiet sanctuary for sleep and development. Which pretty much sums up what Baby’s room is all about!

I spent the most parts of yesterday painting over the old feature wall in Baby’s room. It was more difficult than I anticipated as I had to tackle the cornices and the smaller surface area around the window.

I remember painting the purple-esque feature wall (called Artiste, I found the pot of paint in my storage area while looking for painting tools) two years ago and I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of my paintwork. Having painted the entire house and having had a little more experience with D.I.Y jobs, I was more meticulous with Fresh Frappe this time.

Fresh Frappe looks like a little cozy haven 'at night' and more 'yellowish' with the tungsten bulb turned on

Well that’s enough of painting for a while. I still have to assemble Baby’s furniture and fill it’s room with pretty things! Watch this space!