A katsu-don is a wha???

Posted on January 24, 2010


The location: Highpoint O-Bento
The purpose: Lunchtime!

Michele: Hi! Can I get a katsu-don, an oyako-don and a vegetable tempura, please?

Counter girl: Would you like pork or chicken for the katsu-don?

Me (standing beside Michele): My wife wants a katsu-don.

Counter girl: Yes, would you like pork or chicken?

Me: Katsu-don is pork.

Counter girl: Yes, some customers have asked for chicken instead. So we give them that option.

Me: Well, that’s not katsu-don then. Shouldn’t you change the signage and add that to your menu?

Michele (irate): Stop it! Not everything has to be right! We’d like the pork, thanks.

Counter girl: Okay, that’s $23.10.

Me: Do you have a non-vegetarian vegetable tempura? I’m asking as a customer…

Michele (pushing me away): Sorry!

Take note everybody, in O-Bento world a pig is the same as a chicken is the same as a pig.