The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 9 (week 32)

Posted on January 24, 2010


Meet my wife, Belly...I mean...Michele.

Not long to go now before this series comes to an end, and not one moment too soon. Baby has had a growth spurt of epic proportions and we have witnessed Michele’s belly grow by over an inch in circumference in the last week!

It truly is another two months of extreme discomfort for my poor wife, who now has to turn sideways to do the dishes. In fact, she now regards dishes as a misnomer; “I didn’t see any dishes in there!” she yells. Apart from washing her hands, dish washing is now a husband job. Hang on, I’ve done the dishes since our dating days…

I’ve also pointed out how sharp Michele’s belly is. Baby isn’t growing sideways, it’s growing forward. It almost looks like Michele has a massive bowling ball strapped in front of her and she has to lean back to counter balance.

Which means she now has chronic back pains. Car rides in Thumper – always a joy between the two of us – are now a bit of a hindrance as I often have to make quick trips before Michele’s back goes wonky on her.

I drove Thumper up to Blackburn last week to pick up an ebay furniture I had won with Michele in tow. The 45km trip became a bit of a nightmare, as Michele became highly irritable and was visibly hurting. It’s a bit of a challenge travelling at 100kmh along the Eastern Freeway with one hand on the steering wheel, the other massaging your wife’s back!