My mother-in-law

Posted on January 26, 2010


Days left to walk around naked at home: 5

Hi, I hope you are all well.

My mother-in-law Caroline flies in on Saturday night. Michele and I have not seen her since April 2009 after we left Singapore on the tail end of our honeymoon. Since then, we have pretty much been on our own, with no family to speak of or rely on.

It’s nice to have Caroline around. She has over 20 years of child care experience and is armed with a genuine love for her children. She also cooks great Asian food and prepares curries that doesn’t actually stink up our house.

Caroline will be here for the best part for a year, so it’s pretty much like having a mother around, cooking for you. But cooking is all she’d do for me. As much as I love Caroline, I won’t be allowing her to do my laundry. My laundry is special, it’s private and the sight of a 60 year old handling my diamond-crusted boxer shorts is just….creepy.

I don’t know what kind of old-wives’ tales she would bring along with her, but Michele and I will gladly smile and listen to what useful tips she could contribute. We do, however draw the line at ridiculous practices that won’t sit well with us. We both have a strong belief in our own parenting instincts (whatever that is!) and will not tolerate being told how to bring up our child. I believe there will be awkward moments but I guess that’s what having an in-law around for; they’re helpful and insightful, but also a little bleh at times.

Caroline’s arrival also signals the end of another moment in mine and Michele’s quiet life. We’ve lived alone in our house since returning home from our honeymoon, and absolutely love the gratuitous nudity at home. I mean, we get to walk around the house with our blinkers hanging all over the shop and not having to cover yourself up when all you want to do is walk downstairs and make coffee is grouse! With my mother-in-law around, that’s absolutely not going to happen!

But I guess the quiet and tranquil would have ended soon anyway as Baby is due in eight weeks.

Now if you would excuse me, Michele and I wana walk around naked in the house. There aren’t many more days left.