Channel Seven = Fail

Posted on January 27, 2010


Days left to walk around naked at home: 4

I’m sitting here in front of my computer watching a live ESPN broadcast of the quarter-final match up pitting Federer vs Davydenko. Davydenko is leading one set, and is three games to two.

Hang on, it’s the Australian Open. Shouldn’t a national free-to-air network – in this case Channel Seven as it has rights to the Australian Open – be showing 2010’s first major of the year played on our soil?


Instead Channel Seven’s showing Seven News at 6pm, Today Tonight at 6.30pm and Home & Away at 7pm. Live telecast of the Australian Open resume at 7.30pm.

Home & Away!!!!

I’ve got Foxtel, but unfortunately I’m not subscribed to the Sports package. At least I’ve got a good ISP with access to ESPN online.

Imagine those poor sods with no Foxtel or broadband who tune in to Channel Seven hoping to watch Federer’s ass getting handed to him, only to scratch their heads at Channel Seven’s inept programming.