The Birthing Of A Singaporean Father: A Mother’s Tears

Posted on January 29, 2010


No, I absolutely am not ready to be a father. I want the tranquil, the video games, the nights out with the boys, the DVD nights with Michele and having no tiny bub to fuss over. Babies? I’d rather have authorities remove my creature comforts, strap me into a chair and forcing me to watch every episode of Singapore Idol.

The fourth in my series of impending fatherhood has been published on theAsianParent. This time, I talk about our Week 20 ultrasound.

On The Marching Jester I did not talk about the tears Michele shed, choosing instead to highlight the exciting moments as we sat transfixed at Baby. Had I not done that, it would leave me with no focal point for my article on TAP.

I find deciding what goes on The Marching Jester and what goes on TAP a really interesting challenge. A lot of what I write about – silly ones mostly – overlaps and when you factor the reading demographic of the two blogs, I have to change the way I write as well. In fact, it’s fun trying to ‘Singaporean-ize’ my TAP contributions!

Shedding a tear while watching our Week 20 ultrasound.

Things are looking up on my contributions to the website, with the editorial team liking my input and wanting to see more. That said, there will be more interesting developments in the weeks to come so I could capture Michele’s pregnancy in greater detail. I can’t wait to get into it and tell you guys but for the moment it’s all under wraps.

I’m really pleased with my involvement with TAP and am constantly in contact with the Editor for better content, topics and details. So far, it’s been an awesome experience and as far as I’m concerned I will always have this interesting ‘project’ for me to work on at home.

Which means I’ll always have something to report when Baby’s well fed, sleeping and I’m fighting off exhaustion, punching letters for my next article!