Wow, baby furniture! And Mother-in-Law!

Posted on February 2, 2010


Pretty much set for Baby, room-wise.

Hello, I hope you have all been well.

The last vestiges of my alone time with Michele are all but a memory over the weekend as Caroline arrived without much fanfare.

It’s great to have my mother-in-law around. It takes a lot of pressure off me to care for Michele. As we have no family in the country – bar a few relos we occasionally see – it’s pretty much the two of us. I caring for Michele, and vice versa.

Caroline’s arrival means we no longer have to pose the $64,000 question we pose to each other every morning: What’s for dinner tonight? My mother-in-law is armed with an arsenal of recipes that effectively purges our stomachs of all the fish & chips (boring!), pastas (boringer!) and burgers (boringest!).

Her arrival also coincided with the completion of Baby’s furniture in it’s room. A cot and change table set from Baby Buntings and a three-chest drawer from Ikea. Coincidentally their colour schemes are almost similar, making it easy for Michele and I to dress up Baby’s room.

It’s taken me a couple of weekends to assemble them as I had other house jobs to do. Cleaning up, tidy here, arrange there, that sort of thing.

Caroline’s moved into Baby’s room and our home seamlessly, and for the last couple of days has fueled us with food we’ve not eaten in many years. Food that we only have access to when we visit our relos in Singapore and food that warms your heart.

It’s like Caroline has never left – she put up with us for three months prior to our wedding – and it’s nice to have her around again. She doesn’t intrude in my private space and is mindful of entering my ‘personal’ domain (my entertainment room) without casting a wary eye at me.

Now that’s a good mother-in-law!