Hello maternity…

Posted on February 5, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone is well.

It’s Michele’s last day at work today. Well, it almost feels like a resignation as she wouldn’t be returning full time for a long time until she feels she’s up for it again (likely), returns in a part time capacity (very likely) or is forced to work sooner than expected as my salary wouldn’t sustain our jet-setting lifestyle (most likely).

Michele has looked forward to this day for many, many weeks and it couldn’t come sooner enough. For her, it means she finally gets to sleep in and get sufficient rest as she has had sleepless nights since November. The weight and pressure on her body puts a lot of discomfort on her and she often finds herself up and about by 4am and by time she drifts back to sleep at 6am, it’s almost time for her to get out of bed again.

For me, it means I no longer have to put up a cranky wife who craves a proper and lengthy sleep more than anything else in the world. More than Ben & Jerry’s, more than some Singaporean cuisine Caroline prepares and definitely more than the Baby Bonus our family’s expecting.

Free money is a wonderful thing, but we’re realistic enough to know it’s only sufficient for 13 fortnights of diapers. Any loose change will go straight into Baby’s Miscellaneous Fund, which at the moment looks like a Anything-and-Everything Fund.

As for Michele, she’ll be able to get the complete and absolute rest she requires as she prepares herself for Baby’s birth. I told her last week I believed her reluctance to go to work is destroying her sleeping patterns as she spends most evenings complaining about going to work the very next day. Ergo, 4am starts and 7pm knock outs.

As for us, it’s the end of Michele getting driven to and picked up from work. It’s something I have been doing since we purchased Thumper and borne out of necessity as I didn’t want my pregnant wife on Melbourne’s car crash the State Government calls public transport.

Logic also states if Michele can’t drive (she can’t), the only other member of the household with a license should drive. We’ve sort of come to a quasi-agreement where she’ll take her Ls when Baby’s a little older so she could start driving around. She likes the Nissan Micra. Okay baby, you can have the Micra.

I’ll definitely miss those early mornings I have to wake up together with her, and while she’s in the shower I struggle to make some semblance of a breakfast and coffee to wake ourselves up. That, and a peak hour commute to her work. And in the arvo, picking her up and another peak hour struggle. It hasn’t always been a breeze but when we look back six months from now we’ll laugh at those bleak, boring mornings.

Well, I’m just about to head off to pick her up for the last time this year. Her lovely colleagues have organized a farewell party and I’ve been invited (told you they’re lovely).

Until the next post!