An apple is a wha???

Posted on February 10, 2010


The location: In Thumper, heading towards J’s Surf & Turf
The purpose: Dinner!

Me *crunching on a really sweet, juicy Fuji Apple*: Hey do you want a bite of this?

Michele: No, it doesn’t look sweet.

Me: Seriously, it’s really good. I’ll bite out a piece for you mmkay?

*Michele glances at my apple*

Michele: I like the insides of the apple looking white, not yellow.

Me: What?! Haha, are you serious? What does that matter? It’s really sweet!

Michele: Nope

Me: Wahaha! That is soooo racist! You like white flesh! What’s wrong with red flesh?

Michele: Hey!

Me: You fruit racist! Ha!