Baby – S.P.O.I.L.T.!

Posted on February 15, 2010


Hello, I hope you have all been well.

Michele and I will be parents in five weeks time. Until around twelve weeks ago, apart from a couple of interesting baby knick knacks sitting around the house visitors to our home will have been hard pressed to pick out any baby accessories.

Fast forward to week 35, and our beautiful, modern contemporary home has been transformed into a baby playhouse. And shock gasp horror, Michele hasn’t even had her baby shower!

I went around our home to find out how spoilt Baby will be.

Caroline has only been here for a couple of weeks, and Baby’s cot is already resembling a menagerie.


Let's see...a giraffe, an elephant, a lion, another elephant...

I’m incredibly envious. I think I want to be a baby too. This little creature isn’t even born, but an air of expectancy, oodles of love and too much money has been spent. I want to be a baby!

But it gets worse!


Wipes, knitted wrap, breast pumps, breast pads, diapers, bedding...*counts costs*

Even people I don’t know too well have showered Baby with gifts. One of Michele work mates had taken the trouble to knit a beautiful baby wrap. Well she’s smart as she’s not spending any money. At the rate money is being spent on Baby, I might have to start looking for a second job!


Then there's clothes..

We made the sensible decision to purchase some clothes in 000 and some in 00. The ‘one size up’ approach is best as newborns grow really quickly. Friends have also advised us to do the same with diapers, so we purchased only two boxes of newborns. Who knows, Baby might come out massive and progress straight to the next size up!


...and more clothes...(note empty space. Will be filled within a few weeks!)

Had we not purchased some excellent pre-loved items from the wonderful Baby & Kids Market, we would have spent much more on items that really aren’t worth all the quid it’s fetching.

For example, while most of the clothes were brand new, items such as breast pumps, nappy bags, carriers and such were purchased from the market. Common sense tells you these items are well taken care of as previous owners used them with great care.


Pre-loved nappy bag, carrier and breast pump. More wipes...

Apart from Baby’s furniture – which Michele and I decided to purchase brand new – the most expensive purchases were the inline buggy and child seat. In this case, we purchased The Vibe from Phil & Ted’s and the Meridian AHR from Safe-&-Sound.


Baby not included!

So there you have it. Baby is S.P.O.I.L.T. The gifts and prezzies will increase ten fold after Michele’s baby shower this coming Saturday, and I’m beginning to put some extra space aside for them.

Who knows, I just might have to pack some of my own stuff away to accommodate Baby’s arrival!