Michele’s Baby Shower

Posted on February 21, 2010



So many prezzies...

Here’s a good indication of how much loved you are. Get knocked up, organize a Baby Shower at 36 weeks and invite all your work mates.

About 20 women (some with little girlies!) rocked up to our home yesterday for a wonderful two hours of eating, laughing and a little bit of estrogen overdose.

I’ve always liked her work mates. Michele is a well respected leader in her unit and shows compassion, authority and always has a crew of girls rallying for her. I know pretty much all of them over the last five years after involuntarily finding myself invited to Christmas parties, housewarmings, outings…

Maybe the best part of yesterday was knowing these girls will turn up again after Baby is born. What fantastic support they are.

To all you ladies, you guys are beautiful and wonderful friends. Michele, Baby and I thank you and are glad to have you in our little world.