The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 11 (week 36)

Posted on February 23, 2010



Not long to go Baby...we can't wait to see you...

Hello, I hope you have been well.

Complications are the name of the game in this fortnight’s update. Michele, who is only tiny, wakes up most morning racked with pain. I guess the only words to use – for the lack of better words – are her small frame isn’t coping too well with the extra weight. She’s ballooning at an average of 500 grams every fortnight and at this rate, Michele won’t be able to move at all by the time she’s week 40.

Okay I exaggerate but mobility is really a concern, considering her husband walks briskly and until five months ago, never drove and got around by foot or public transport for his entire life.

Michele’s body is also frequently breaking out in rashes (that don’t go away) and an intense itch persists around her abdomen area due to the stretching of the skin. She’s tried all kinds of oils ranging from bio oils to stretch mark creams and what-not lotions but we all know what good they do!

I feel completely helpless at times and the most I could do is rub her, give her words of encouragement and hope it all goes away. But it doesn’t.

Sleep-wise, it’s hard to believe Michele went on her maternity leave three weeks ago. She no longer has to get up (with much effort) at 6 am and now has longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. Mostly, she gets up around 4 am to relieve the pressure on her bladder.

It’s an everyday occurrence and Toby, who used to stir and wake up at that ungodly hour, now sleeps through it and completely ignores Michele’s trips to the bathroom.

A friend of ours gave birth to a healthy boy not two weeks ago. The baby arrived at 37.5 weeks.

Yes, it’s a little too early, but with babies considered ‘full term’ at 37 weeks, they are ripe for picking. Juicy, plump babies. Mmmmmm…

With that said, Michele could possibly give birth next week! It’s hard to believe 11 fortnights ago, Michele’s belly was a tiny little tennis ball and I was an untamed father-to-be. With each fortnight gone and with week 40 approaching it will mean the end of this wonderful series. I’ve enjoyed photographing Michele and painting her through the eyes of a father-to-be.

We really are looking forward to the big (and sleepless) day. I hope you readers are too.