Look Mum, No Hands!

Posted on February 24, 2010



Michele and I spent some time in my room mucking around with my camera, my toys and just doing…nothing.

She also discovered the convenience of a large belly far outweighs her weight and mobility issues. Mainly it’s just used as a dinner tray. But what a dinner tray! We discovered the belly is able to support any one of the following:

1) a tumbler of water (while she sips out of it)
2) jelly beans
3) plastic toy dogs (they fall off the moment she starts breathing)
4) a bowl of food (while she eats out of it)
5) my camera
6) her hands (while folded across, she looks very content)
7) anything light enough so Baby wouldn’t protest with a series of unhappy kicks and punches

I want a belly too!

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