Washing Baby’s Clothes

Posted on February 25, 2010



One of the many loads of washing we had to do...

Hello, I hope you are all well.

We in The Marching Jester’s household – as in myself, Michele and mother-in-law Caroline – have begun washing Baby’s clothes. Over the four-odd months and through gifts and prezzies or purchases, Baby’s wardrobe is now bursting with beautiful wraps, socks, bibs, beanies, tops and every conceivable kind of baby clothing.

I’m rather happy to say most of them weren’t purchased by us as baby clothing is extremely expensive. Apart from a few indulgences, most of them were gifts or preloved clothes.

In fact at the time of writing we are in the third day of washing. It’s quite incredible how much parents-to-be invest in a little human who isn’t even born. I shudder to think how spoilt Baby will be when it comes into existence!

Between personal down time and family time, Michele and I are glad to have Caroline around. She’s happily taken over the kitchen (lots of cooking!) and baby laundry. I draw the line at our laundry as I’m responsible for it and I really don’t feel comfortable with Caroline running through my dirty linen. Some things are best left private.

Oh, here’s another load of clean laundry. Got to go. Folding time!

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