Posted on March 10, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone has been well.

The ETA of Baby is March 20, which means as of today, it’s 10 days left of normalcy for me. But for Michele, it’s another 10 days of cruel torture.

They have been threatening for weeks, but the ominous signs are now visible.

In the last few days, Michele has:

1) seen her belly drop another couple of centimetres. Baby truly is readying itself for birth. Our lovely obstetrician Jean has determined Baby is lying on its side and the head is in Michele’s pelvis. If that means anything pointing to a birth in the anterior position, that’s good news for Michele as that means a natural vaginal birth.

2) been visiting the bathroom heaps more with diarrhoea – an early sign of labour. Granted, it’s not always accurate but at this stage of pregnancy I doubt it could be anything else?

3) seen the last of the body rash that consumed her with an insane itch. Her arms now look like plain old Michele arms and apart from the normal belly itch caused by the stretching of the skin, Michele’s all fine and dandy. No longer is she conscious about her appearance; good news all around I guess.

4) not been able to sleep a wink every night. She tosses and turns, groans and moans but simply isn’t able to get any rest. Amazingly, the moment the sun starts rising, her body relaxes and she gets a couple of hours of sleep. That is followed by an afternoon nap. Maybe I’m over-analysing this, but surely being disturbed every night by the antics of your wife in bed is a sign of labour?

5) seen a surge in vile-spewing activities. Being nauseated throughout the entire pregnancy is one thing, but throwing up everyday just days leading up to birth of Baby is another.

The house is bursting with nervous anticipation. Baby and all my own worries (which is a story for another day) is pushing me a little closer to exploding.

C’mon little one! End our misery!