Message For Baby (video)

Posted on March 11, 2010



They say walking's an excellent way to get Baby moving into the anterior position. And walk we did...

Hello, I hope you are well.

I took Michele and Caroline out to Williamstown for lunch today. There has been a lot of nervous and anxious energy in the house lately and I thought some fresh air would be great for the family.

Besides, the wretched weather that has made international news in the past week is now showing her great behind to us so it’s great to see warm sunshine bathing us from a cloudless sky.

After a quick laundry run to catch the sun rays, we drove out for a lazy meal of fish and chips. With lunch sorted, we hung around the area for a little before we decided a short video for Baby would be appropriate.

After all, nobody has actually addressed Baby in person. It might not be born yet but surely it’s dying to talk to someone!

So here you go Baby. A quick message from us (and Daddy being a silly man as usual) and we look forward to the moment you reply with a projectile of vomit!