I Wana Look Like Jessica & Delta!

Posted on March 12, 2010


I thought I’ll break up the monotony of my pregnancy posts with a bit of fluff.

*shock gasp horror*

I reckon there’s never a better time; at the rate I’m always talking about Michele’s pregnancy I might just be pregnant myself!

So I was at home streaming European football and movie content from my favourite bandwidth sucking site Veetle. It didn’t strike me initially but after watching Veetle content for many months one advertisement stuck out like a bloody Washington Monument.

Those Proactiv ads keep repeating itself, coming on at every ad break and extolling every virtue of the popular acne wash. Veetle probably gets paid quite handsomely from Guthy-Renker, but the consistency and repetitiveness of the ad almost dulls the effectiveness of the ad. Flippant, even.

Then there’s cable television in our home. Our family tends to have our meals with the television turned on and with the annoying shrill of Jessica Simpson still in my ear, I know have to deal with a once-famous-and-now-B-grade-songstress Delta Goodrem.

Good job with your albums sales Delta. You have a couple of good songs, your profile was on the rise but you had to date that Westlife tool Brian. Now you two are engaged, you can’t get a proper gig in America and turned to Proactiv to make some fast dough.


But there’s no avoiding the Proactiv ads. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll be inundated with Proactiv ads and desperately want to look like Jessica and Delta.

I guess I could try putting on makeup on my face, dye my hair blonde and maintain my pitch perfect high C for two seconds, but I’ll probably be arrested in public and thrown into remand until my embarrassed wife and recently-born child bails me out.

Perhaps I’ll try Proactiv one day just to put the theory to the test. It can’t be that good. For all that money, I could feed my family for a week. If you ask me to weigh up the importance of feeding your family or wanting to look like some air head, I guess the answer is rather obvious.