12 Months & Nought The Wiser!

Posted on March 16, 2010



The top tier of the wedding cake, defrosted and ready for consumption after a year in the deep freeze chamber.


Our wedding cake. Cup cakes adorn the base with the crowning glory due for freezing. Our favourite dinosaurs - limbs and handbag still attached - graced the limelight too.

Hello, I hope you are all well.

Michele and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend with close friends and family over at our home for a barbie.

The highlight of the day was definitely the eating of our wedding cake, which we had frozen for a year. It’s a dense, fruit cake (I loooooooove a good fruit cake) that was warmly received by my fellow fruit cake lovers. I’m just glad I finally get to remove the cake as it’s been sitting in the freezer taking up optimum space!

Fans of the fictitious Edward Monkton will also recognise one of his iconic creations ‘A Lovely Love Story‘. Michele and I absolutely love the cute depictions and wordings as it absolutely, bang on describes us to the T.

How time flies. Friends were joking Baby would arrive on our anniversary, but it didn’t happen. Over the last few days we’ve had a couple of them taking bets on when Baby would arrive. The gall of them!

Well I hope they’re still betting as it can’t be much longer.