“Babe, wake up. I think my water just broke.” – Part 1

Posted on March 27, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone is well.

At 2.30am on 16 March, Michele shook me on the shoulders vigourously and stirred me from my sleep. I had only went to bed several hours before after a long day at work, a heavy dinner and a light beer while watching the telly. Suffice to say, I was knackered.

That didn’t stop me from jumping out of my bed and snapping into “oh my god here we go” mode.

Michele gingerly walked back to the bathroom and showed me the maternity pad. It was drenched. Bright pink the water was and it had a foul scent. Michele and I both agreed it smells like semen.

That’s right, semen.

A quick call to Frances Perry and a chat with the midwives confirmed our suspicions – Michele’s water had definitely broken. As the contractions hadn’t kicked in, we weren’t too concerned.

For the next hour we alternated between bed and bathroom as every time she stood up, the water followed the gravitational pull and left puddles behind. I had to follow her every movement, mopping up everywhere she went.

Michele decided to take a shower while stood there transfixed at the pink liquid flowing so freely only a dam could stem.

Realising birth could happen in the next 24 hours, we tried to get some sleep. Michele’s contractions kicked in in the early morning, but they weren’t severe and were occurring every 30 minutes or so.


With her water broken, a smile for the camera while hooked up to the foetal monitor. She wasn't smiling 12 hours later.

In the late morning we went down to Frances Perry to get Michele hooked up onto a foetal monitor. To be honest I don’t really know why that was necessary as there was nothing to be concerned about until Michele was about 5 minutes apart. It was just an extra trip to the Frances Perry. But I duly followed like the headless and frantic husband I was.

By late arvo we were home. We had dinner and watched telly. By 10pm we were both tired and decided to turn in for the day.

I managed about 30 minutes of sleep. But that was the last time I knew what proper sleep was.