“Babe, wake up. I think my water just broke.” – Part 2

Posted on March 28, 2010


Up until about 10pm, Michele’s contractions were about 30 minutes apart. They weren’t of the intense, crushing pain variety either so night time activities were still very doable.

Before we headed to sleep, Michele had copped another contraction and she didn’t look too keen climbing up the stairs to our bedroom.

Upon getting there, the both of us tried getting some shut eye. We both knew with the water broken, Levi can’t stay in Michele much longer but there was no point getting worked up when Michele wasn’t in active labour.

At 11pm, the big kahuna contractions came.

There’s something very humbling about watching your beloved wife going through all kinds of torture and you, as a loving and devoted husband, are unable to help in anyway.

I was completely powerless. Michele was racked with pain – similar to period pains but a thousand times worse – and all I could provide was my physical presence, a loving hand whenever she reached out for me and lots of encouragement.

It really made me wonder if men’s bravado and machismo – often a product of the chauvinist society we are brought up in – are falsified as women have an incredible threshold of pain.

I once read a book on a hypothetical situation where a bloke was giving birth. The pain would be non too similar to inserting an umbrella into your penis.

O. U. C. H.

By 12.30am Michele had enough of the pain. Her contractions were around 4 minutes apart and her low squeals and moans were extremely upsetting. I want to help, but I know it’s something the mother had to go through alone.

We called Frances Perry House again, this time informing the kind staff we were heading out to the hospital. I had also packed waterproof sheets in Thumper, so Michele could sit on it when we’re on the way to the hospital. I wasn’t letting a burst water pipe damage the car upholstery!

With everything packed several weeks before, we got into Thumper and left for home.

I must mention at this point my mother-in-law Caroline and sister-in-law Crystal were with me all this while, and their presence would have alleviated Michele’s discomfort somewhat. Crystal sat in the front seat with me, while Michele was in the back seat, unbelted and with a comfort pillow tucked under her neck. Caroline could only rub her head while I cast nervous glances at the rear view mirror.

I could only remember telling myself “Please don’t pop now.”