Breastfeeding Is Hard Work

Posted on April 2, 2010


Amen to that!

Levi keeps Michele and I up every night and we are never able to settle. We juggle the baby responsibilities (bringing Levi out of cot, changing of nappy etc) but Michele handles the breastfeeding. Mostly. (doh!)


Levi falling asleep in Michele's arms after a hard session of feeding. We are both exhausted, but if millions of parents around the world have done it so can we!

Trouble is, Levi only really settles and falls asleep at around 5am.

As I have to be be at work by 8.30am, guess who’s tired all day every day?

Michele doesn’t get much sleep either. If she’s not the local milk bar, she’s busy trying to settle Levi so he gives her some quiet time.

That said, Michele and I are enjoying every minute of this special time with Levi. He’s growing really quickly and before we know it he’d be learning how to walk!

No complaints whatsoever from me.

Now leave me alone as I want some shut eye!