Chocolate & Bunnies!

Posted on April 3, 2010



"Happy Easter!" says The Little Marching Jester.

We took Levi out with us for a family outing this arvo. It’s our first trip out as a family since his birth.

Michele was rapt; she has been cocooned at home/hospital for almost three weeks and she was raring to head out. In fact, as she was dolling herself up she commented how great it was to apply makeup on herself again.

As if she needed makeup! I didn’t marry Michele just for her intelligence!

As she dressed herself up, I couldn’t help but marvel how Michele still looked like she hadn’t given birth. She’s almost back to her original size. Her stitches have almost completely healed and she was just about to explode and bounce off the walls. Such was her excitement!

Half a day in Highpoint, where we negotiated a treacherous Easter long weekend bumper crowd. We did not anticipate such a crowd and were looking forward to a quiet afternoon in a cafe, sipping lattes and just enjoying time with Levi.

Regardless, we had several hours to ourselves, away from the mother-in-laws at home who seem to enjoy fussing over us.

Levi was wonderful on his first field trip. He slept through the entire trip with a blissful smile on his face. He’s only
16 days old but he has the manners of a gentleman!

I was rather disappointed he didn’t kick up a fuss in public, demand for breast milk or chuck a massive poo on me. Michele and I had fastidiously prepared a tiny wardrobe and packed it all in our new stroller but alas none of them saw the light of day.

I have never purchased an easter chocolate egg in my life. In the spirit of all things newborn however, I purchased several eggs and a chocolate bunny. Not for myself, but mostly to adorn my little Levi and make him look really silly.

Happy Holidays Australia!