And Lest We Forget…Toby

Posted on April 5, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone is well.

Amid all the fuss, hustle and bustle about the new addition to our family, I thought I’ll take some time to remind everyone our dog Toby still lives with us. And yes, he still is an integral part of our family.

Daddy hasn’t forgotten about you, little brown one!


With his bed next to my side of the bed, Toby only looks up at me with the loving, trusting eyes we have all grown to love. I snapped this picture of him while Levi was bawling his eyes out behind me while Michele fusses over him. What a remarkable trait of Toby we are witnessing.

In the weeks leading up to Levi’s birth, Michele and I were half-concerned about how Toby would take to Levi. Toby has a separation anxiety issue which could be stemmed from we treating him like a human when he was much younger. What’s done is done, but apart from people leaving and arriving Toby truly is a wonderful dog. No owner can ask for any more from their loyal friend.

Apart from the initial skepticism and sniffing, Toby has completely ignored Levi. This has ‘alarmed’ us as Toby has always been very curious and investigates every new sound and smell.


Levi's first picture with Toby. Play time at home. Toby is still quite curious about Levi, but our initial fears of him rejecting the new arrival has disappeared. Toby has not only accepted Levi graciously, he quite likes posing with Levi as well!

I say sound and smell because Levi cries and has his own distinct smell. Toby would have picked up his scent by now but oddly enough, he hasn’t gone ballistic, hopping mad whenever Levi cries.

Levi crying in the wee hours of the night and Toby getting anxious was my primary concern upon bringing Levi home, but Toby has strangely matured and morphed into a different dog.

Now I’m not saying Toby knows what pregnancy is but he’s a mammal too so I’m guessing he’s aware of another living being gestating inside his mother. Throughout the pregnancy Toby – seemingly knowing his days of being the only one is numbered – developed a habit of clinging onto and tagging closely with Michele. It’s not a behaviour he has displayed before as he tends to follow me around the house.


It was our hope our two children would get along famously as they grew up. Michele and I cannot wait to capture those moments Levi and Toby running around in the park etc...

With Levi around these three weeks Toby has been extremely passive, showing keen interest but sits instead at our feet in an almost guard dog-like behaviour. Levi crying every other hour at night doesn’t ruffle Toby either as he just mostly lies in bed, watching us fuss over the little boy.

How odd, indeed. What was a worry for us has become a blessing as Toby has not only exhibited behaviours that boy and dog could get along, he’s also relinquished his position as the primary baby of our house with much willingness. He has never complained, and doesn’t ask for anything more apart from his daily rubs, ball throws and occasional walks.