Canon Printers Are Prehistoric Fossils – They’re Selling It In Stores!

Posted on April 10, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone is well.

So over the Easter long weekend I purchased a Canon MP272. It’s one of those el cheapo all-in-ones where the print cartridges ultimately cost more than the printer itself after only several months of use.

But I digress. The family needs a printer to perform basic printing and copying duties. Or sometimes, just once in a bloody full moon, a scan or two. So I bought one from Big W at a Easter sale price of $65.84. Which is a complete ripoff because fast forward five days (today) I saw JB Hifi selling it for $65.

Here’s the crux of the matter.

So we have an all-in-one that does just about anything it wants me to do at a press of a button. The MP272 is a pretty nifty printer. I mean, it does more than just take up shelf space in your room.

mp272 - a printer and more!

The MP272 is a great addition to any family. Buy one today, it won't disappoint!

For all it’s worth, $65.84 worth of plastic and hardware that also feeds and quenches your thirst is a pretty darn good bargain. The printer works like a charm, and the copier is like a welcome cold fizzy drink on a hot day.

“Wow this piece of crap is a bargain! Everything works!” Or so I thought.

I had an important document that required urgent attention. Classified-stuff-for-the-President-of-the-United-States only. I slid in the paper and clicked on ‘scan’.

The machine fired up for a couple of seconds and out popped this message.

useless Canon printer!

Not USB 2.0 compliant. Fail.

A Google search and a convenient new thread on quickly revealed this is a very common Canon problem. So common, it dates back half a decade. Older Canon models going as far back as 2006 have given new owners all kinds of grief with this ridiculous message.

There are several ways to rectify it.

a) Update latest drivers. Check.
b) Switch USB cable to other USB ports. Check.
c) Ensure USB cable isn’t inserted into a USB hub. Check.
d) Restart computer. Check.
e) Get into BIOS setup and change the USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) to USB 1.0 or 1.1 (Full-Speed). Wait, what?

This is the year 2010. USB 2.0 is backwards compatible so what the helll? I didn’t pay $65.84 to get suckered into a tinkering experiment. I just want it to work. Plug and play.

Then I saw another solution:

f) Change the cable to a shorter one. What?

Canon is very smart. For years they have been selling printers without a USB cable. So idiots like us end up going out to a computer store, shelling out a few dollars more on something that can be manufactured for free.

I ended up purchasing a three-feet long USB cable from Centercom for $4. It’s not the price that matters. It’s the fact that it’s supposedly ‘too long’. Three feet long USB cable won’t work on a Canon printer because a two feet one will?!

I don’t know if I should return it (Big W might not allow it even with proof of purchase as the ink cartridges have been used), contact Canon customer service (for something that cheap, should I even bother?) or just live with a stinking pile of crap that only prints and copies.

All-in-one? Not likely.

Now where is my popcorn and beer?