I Refuse To Park There!

Posted on April 18, 2010


Morning peeps.

I have spent the last week hunting for an alternative and cheap parking in the CBD. I’ve worked out it just doesn’t make any sense paying for an expensive monthly train ticket for a crappy public service (emphasis on the crappy) while the family car sits in the garage all day. I’m paying for the insurance and the cost of the (depreciating) car and anyone would tell you that’s poor economics.

I set about looking for parking that’s less dear than the cost of a daily ticket. As our humble home resides in a Zone 2 area, a daily ticket costs just a shade over $10. How that fare arrived at its current incarnation I won’t dispute, but I’d expect a world class underground service that runs every other minute, not an archaic monolith that still dissects major road arteries.

But I digress.

I found one at the corner of Spencer and Batman Street at $10 for 12 hours, which is very attractively priced. I then chatted with a colleague of mine who suggested a even better alternative. Harbourtown might be further away from the CBD, but at $5 all day it surely is the cheapest secured parking in the CBD. It’s cheaper than a daily Zone 1 ticket!

Jumped on the website and had a massive laugh. Harbourtown, apparently is a dodgy place to be in.

Footscary Road! HAHA!

'Nuff said!

I can’t decide if I should fork out $10 all day and get home safe or pay $5 and risk being frightened alive while leaving my car!