Am I Old? Or Am I Just Paranoid?

Posted on April 25, 2010


Hi all, I hope everyone is well and enjoying their ANZAC Day long weekend. The autumn weather is finally gracing our shores and this just might be the precursor to the start of a miserable and cold six months.

Here’s a thought. Several events occurring in the last few months have made me take stock of my personal circumstance. Mostly it reminds me of how young (read: old) I was (read: am). You don’t really sit down and take it all in until everyday chores – completely unrelated to each other – creep up on you and you go “Hang on, this is strange.”

Don’t believe me? Read on.

I indicate in a car park

Perhaps I’m a safe driver or maybe I’m just a new driver, but I found myself indicating at carparks lately. I like knowing drivers around me know where I’m about to turn into. Even though I’m travelling at 15km/h.

I fall into the ’31-40′ age category

I was filling up a feedback form not three weeks ago when this question had me pause for a second. Since when was I 40 years old? The form was unequivocally biased; it left me wondering if the people who created the form were themselves old, stodgy, dressed in tweed and probably never been asked out on a date before. Just last year I was still in the ’21-30′ category and within a matter of months I have aged ten years!

I get excited at ‘anti wrinkle’ face creams

This happened just last week in a Priceline Pharmacy. I was looking for a face wash when I saw X brand lined up next to my face wash. My heart skipped a beat and I picked up the offending piece of plastic tube. Okay I’ll admit to a couple of crows feet around my eyes, but surely that doesn’t warrant an ‘anti wrinkle’ face cream? Apparently I do because I picked it up! I didn’t even know I was in the market for an ‘anti wrinkle’ cream! Guilty as charged!