Posted on May 3, 2010


(the title should really read:
Parents: “WHAAAAEEEEEGGGHHHHHHH!!! We need sleep!”
Baby: “WHAAAAEEEEEGGGHHHHHHH!!! Put me to sleep!”
but it’s way too long and I’ll look a little silly doing it.)

Hello, I hope you are all well.

I haven’t made a post in five days but it feels so much longer. Time-wise, I am a lot more prudent and stressed with it as weekdays are spent working (as most would do) and weeknights are baby time and sleeping. Weekends are no better as I catch up on sleep, more baby time and time spent readjusting my personal time, which is rare anyway.

Six weeks it has taken me to realize that I, a completely normal human being with normal motor skills, really don’t need that much sleep. Every waking hour is spent to her absolute best, and Michele and I stretch every free moment we have to to accommodate our needs as well.

Just the weekend gone, I daresay Michele and I have graduated from Baby School and sold our sleep to the Devil. We no longer require sleep as sleep is for the jobless, redundants and miscreants. Why sleep when you are better off trying to fight off sleep while putting your baby to sleep?!

I won’t say I’m struggling with my new schedule; no fathers do. It’s just a complete reversal from the flexibility and freedom of a non-baby life I have gotten used to. Now, if Levi cries, SNAP BANG! I have to be there to check up on him. If Levi wants something, SNAP BANG! he has to have it or he’ll crack the shits.

And it’s not just the kiddo. Let’s not forget my wife! If Michele requires my assistance – which is often – SNAP BANG! I’m by her side. These often decrease in frequency in the wee hours of the night as I find the allure of sleep far too inviting. Michele never complains though; I make it up in my waking hours. Or at least I try to.