After The Bath @ Six Weeks (video)

Posted on May 6, 2010


After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that grown men of all sizes and ideologies are reduced to a 2 year old child with an undeveloped voice box, basic grasp of English and a strange obsession with all things chubby and cute.

Only a baby could have that kind of effect on men. Not fast cars, not women, not money; they only breed greed, jealousy and contempt. With babies, you are experiencing true love. Men have become conditioned to hide their emotions and never show their weaknesses. However with a baby all the layers come undone and the father’s primal and instinctive emotions shines bright like the deer staring at the headlights just seconds before it meets its inevitable death.

I had to watch it three times to fully understand the spell my child has cast on me. My son has completely destroyed the life I used to know. I no longer have a social life, a PS3-gaming life, uninterrupted six hours sleep or cuddle time with my wife. I have gotten acquainted with the triumvirate of Frustration, Exhaustion and No Savings.

Yet, I really don’t care about not having them. I don’t care about going to the movies with Michele, levelling up my character online, counting sheep to sleep or watching my wife fall asleep in my arms. Oh they are important, but nothing is as important as watching my beautiful son grow.

He’s asleep next door, and I miss him already. Best I go check on him and tell him how much Daddy loves him.