Fingers Are The Juiciest Part! *bonus ‘pee on Mummy’ video*

Posted on May 10, 2010


Hello everybody, I hope you are all well.

After a manic football weekend of celebration and hope, The Marching Jester resumes normal service.


No really, they ARE really juicy!

Our cheeky little monkey has discovered his hands. Oh they’re not meant for grasping onto things; at Levi’s age hands are only good for one thing – for sucking!

Levi doesn’t just suck on them, he literally chomps on his little fingers. Fortunately he only seems to favour his left hand as he doesn’t seem to realise he has two hands. God forbid the day he tries sucking on both hands at the same time!!

UPDATE: Here’s a video I had forgotten to upload last week. It was captured between Before The Bath @ Six Weeks and After The Bath @ Six Weeks. Levi communicates the way he knows best: more gurgles, hiccups and a stream of water!