Looking Through Levi’s Eyes: The First 40 Days

Posted on May 10, 2010



Hello all, I hope you’ve all had a good day.

The first ‘episode’ of my brand new series on theAsianparent.com has just been published.


Titled ‘Looking Through Levi’s Eyes’, it’s a fortnightly, year-long series that takes readers into the mind of my son while we watch the world through his eyes.

After a two months hiatus from theAsianparent.com, it feels good to be back in the writing fold.

The new series also aims to illustrate Levi’s growth and development. If my Editor is reading this, I can’t promise I’ll be there for every new gimmick Levi learns but I’ll definitely try to include them!

Clearly, Levi’s already supremely talented as he – at all of eight weeks old – is already capable of writing a blog post. I mean, it took me all of 24 years before I discovered what a blog was back in 2003 but my son’s clearly far too smart for his own good.

It’ll be really interesting when I look back on the first 40 days after completing the series. Levi would be much larger, heavier and probably taking his first steps. Time will fly and it’s always nice to capture your kiddo’s development in a public arena as people get to experience and laugh at my joys and (lack of) parenting skills.