Mail For Levi: Our First Australian

Posted on May 12, 2010



It even has an official seal on it! Certified 100% Aussie!

Something really exciting arrived via registered post last week. It came in a tube and was dressed up prettily. It didn’t took Michele and I long to recognize it as we have been waiting several weeks since applying for it.


"I hereby decree you, Mr Baby Matara-Ng, as an official graduate. Here is your degree!"

Receiving Levi’s birth certificate was a small but happy occasion for our family. For almost two months Levi wasn’t registered so really he didn’t exist in the wider Australian society. He wouldn’t even register on the radar as there are no records of his existence! That’s a funny notion, come to think of it.

It’s also a tiny (pardon the pun) landmark in Levi’s life as he truly is the first Australian in our family, either side. Discounting Toby – who too was born Australian but he’s a dog so I wouldn’t get into it – Levi was conceived and born in Australia. That makes him a true blue fair dinkum red blooded Aussie bloke.

I guess we can truly say we have firmly planted our roots here in Australia. We are, like all Australians and their early ancestors who migrated here, all wanting a better life for ourselves. Michele and I have worked hard to get to where we are today, and to have our first born child raised as a real Aussie sends a cold shiver down my spine when I think back just seven years ago we weren’t even dating in Australia!

To our first Australian, Mummy and Daddy are proud of you. Now chuck that lamb on the barbie and grab me a beer!