My Wife, My Friend, My Lover, My Son’s Mother.

Posted on May 15, 2010


G’day everybody, I hope you are all well.

It was Mother’s Day the weekend just gone, and I took my family out for a not-so-unusual weekend out. Mainly it was just to eat and spend some alone time with the missus and the boy, but it was also time to sit back and look at my beautiful partner.


To celebrate this very special day, I have penned this poem for her. It’s quite rubbish as I’m thinking this up as I type, so bear with me:

‘Twas first week of July you returned my kiss,
A week later a bloke you had never thought you would miss.
Six months long we were separated by the sea,
My eyes were cloudy from the lengthy misery.

Four years we lived sharing and growing,
A dog we have for he needed some loving.
Never did you expect it would happen in the sky,
But ‘Yes’ and tears was all you said while we soared so high.

Hot was the day in March we married,
Hotter you were that day oh so splendid.
Dolphins didn’t want to swim with me,
But who cares when our honeymoon was as memorable as leaving at three.

We made love on a cold wintry night,
Hoping somehow a seed would take flight.
A squeal you let out while disagreeing with me,
I’m glad you followed the instructions while standing and pee.

So heavy your burden for nine months you shouldered,
While I stood by and watched and chuckled.
The pain you went through I will always remember,
Such joy we shared as he lay next to your nuzzle.

You are now mostly a milk bar and a mother,
But I’ll always see you as my friend and lover.
It saddens me I have seventy years more to see your face,
It’s a lifetime too short for my wife Michele, so full of grace.

It sure feels strange to look at Michele and say to her “Hey, you’re a mother now.” She’s only been a mother for all of eight weeks and if anything, she has a lot more mothering to do and a whole lot more Mother’s Day to look forward to.


It's a special day for Mummy, but not so for the little one! BORING!!!

I don’t know if any of you new fathers feel it, but did your wife’s first Mother’s Day make you think of the significance of this day itself? I honestly never did care for ‘Appropriately Special Relationship’ days like these. It’s right up there with Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Grand Final Day: Over-commercialized, over-hyped, please spend money and much ado about nothing.

Then you get married, have a child and bang! Mother’s Day comes along and all of a sudden you understand why this day exists.

In just this short space of time Michele has amiably took on this new and challenging role as a Mother. I have seen my wife morph and blossom into a different shade of woman I married. It’s still her, all pretty and dainty, but she now has wings. She’s a mother. She can fly!

To all mothers out there, young and old, treasure the time with your children and husband, for they are special and always worthwhile. And for all fathers, love your wives like they are gods. They are also mothers of your children, so they deserve every love you can possibly provide.