(Baby) Poetry In Motion

Posted on May 17, 2010


Hi, how has everyone been?

WordPress.com has – after a lot of requests by the WordPress.com afficionados including myself – included a funky Javascript slide show option that allows well, slide shows. The feature has been around for about a month but I’ve only had time after dinner today to sit down and learn how to execute it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re of the non-bloggy kind and Javascript means as much to you as frivolous teenage conversation to me, it just means the slide show supports gadgets that have a tendency to frown on Flash-run devices. *cough* Apple *cough*.

Which means I no longer need to post lengthy posts of the chubby one lined up like a death squad in a firing line. Everything is now neat, efficient and very streamlined. How WordPress.com-esque.

I thought I’ll take a minute of my rare free time and talk about how strong Levi’s legs are. He’s already capable of pushing himself away from me (when I’m carrying him close to me), pushing himself off the ground (when I’ve got him under his armpits) and high into the air (mostly when he’s lying flat).

Mind you, he was only seven weeks old when this was taken. He was barely filling half the cot when he was a newborn, now my crazy little monkey’s throwing hissy fits in there.

And on my how quickly he grows! Watch this space!