Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 8 Weeks

Posted on May 23, 2010


Hi all, hope you are well.

Our son, like all Victorians, is given the Child Health Record (more affectionately known as the ‘Blue Book’) upon his birth. The book records important information of Levi’s health and development throughout the first first few years of their lives. These include accurate records of Levi’s growth and other interesting tidbits such as his immunisations.

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I missed my son’s – whom I address as Mr Man (among many other names) – first few visits to the local Maternal & Child Health (MCH) clinic due to work commitments. They included the important 2 and 4 weeks review. Thankfully, with a bit of a schedule shuffling I was present for Levi’s 8 weeks review.

It’s hard to believe Levi has grown both sideways and topways (is that even a word?). We find it difficult to comprehend he has even grown at all as we’re with him all day everyday.

While the next review is at the 4 months stage, the MCH nurse wants Levi to return at the 3 months stage just to follow up on Levi’s progress. Poor chubba is still having three hourly feeds and Michele and I are a little strung out over his feeding schedule.

A lactation consultant has been roped in and she’ll drop by our place to check on Michele and Levi. I know Levi’s getting enough milk but whether the flow of milk is sufficient is another thing. Ahhh, the joys of parenting. There’s so much to learn and discover.