When Michele Handles The Camera…

Posted on May 23, 2010


…you get pictures that are slightly out of focus. (Use the Macro function if you’re up close babe!)

But I’m going to give her credit, citing her ‘creative ability’ to ‘enhance’ the pictures, giving it ‘credibility’ while she hones her ‘artistic talents’.

Hello by the way, I hope everyone is well.

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Levi has begun to enjoy sitting on his little rocking-vibrating chair. I guess he needed to be a little bigger to fill up the chair; before seven weeks he would crack the shits whenever we placed him on it. Now, he could sit contently in there for almost an hour before boredom, hunger or a nappy change renders the chair obsolete.

Our beautiful boy seems to like movement of any sort. In the car, a volatile and very angry Levi would simmer down and actually fall asleep when I’m driving but wake up the moment I stop at the traffic lights and start crying. Even at home, he needs to be patted on his back while either of us pace around with eyes popping out of our sockets. Oh yes, sleep deprivation does that to you.

And because he loves movements, he doesn’t mind the vibration of the chair as he sits in there purring and grinning away like the Cheshire Cat. The chair also gives Toby a chance to size Levi up (and vice versa) as Levi’s now on the same line of sight as Toby.

Incredibly, the two of them have got on incredibly well. Too well, I must add. While I had my reservations about introducing our first born to our first dog, Toby only sniffs Levi periodically and leaves him completely alone. Any fears I had about a jealous dog resorting to doggy tricks disappeared weeks ago as Toby puts up the crying, tantrums and broken sleeps just as well as Michele and I.

This wouldn’t last long though as Levi will soon start crawling. I wonder how Toby would take to the previously chair-bound Levi getting around on all fours.

Should be interesting…