Kizashi vs i45

Posted on June 5, 2010


I was on my way to work yesterday morning and made my usual 20 walk through Docklands into the CBD when I found myself in the middle of a car photoshoot.

I found myself standing next to a public concourse normally reserved for pedestrians. I have never encountered cars there, so when I found myself walking hastily past a new-shaped Suzuki, I stopped.

“Oh my god, it’s the Kizashi!” I exclaimed.

I then realised there was a camera crew in the corner of the building.

Spinning around and rather embarrassed, I apologized and spun around but found myself walking straight into the new Hyundai i45.


A quick snap before leaving the scene. I spent the next hour still dreaming about the cars...

Gasping audibly, I realised I was late for work but hung around for another minute just admiring the cars from afar.

I have been telling Michele about both these cars as they have been on our peripheral ‘Potential Cars To Buy’ vision so imagine my excitement when I realised I had walked myself rather unwittingly into the photoshoot.

I imagine them to be for or, as they are my trusted sites for the latest car gossip.

We still love you Thumper, but it never hurts to dream yes?

Am looking forward to the review.