Extraordinary Breastfeeding

Posted on June 7, 2010


On the Lifestyle You channel over the weekend was a rather bizarre documentary on ‘strange’ breastfeeding habits some mothers get up to.

I say ‘strange’ as what’s food to one may be poison to another. I’m not here to critic how mothers should handle their children, but it’s safe to say the mothers in the documentary are in a minority. A really exclusive minority.

The Youtube clip doesn’t do the hour-long documentary much justice, but if you are keen there’s a lot of information you can gleam from the Internet.

I don’t agree with a lot of the ‘facts’ those mothers claim to espouse, but they are the mothers and to each their own.

Michele feels breastfeeding is a very personal thing and it shouldn’t be given too much scrutiny. I do wonder if those mothers were given any monetary payouts for the subsequent media coverage they received.

I wished fathers were more involved in the breastfeeding process. It’s a special bond only the mothers have with their children.

At this stage of Levi’s development, I am really peripheral and exist only as a support role (when Levi’s asleep) or as a constant source of amusement (when he’s awake). I really do wish my role is more substantial as Michele’s doing 90% of the duties a father longs to perform.

Right now Levi will only settle in Michele’s arms. He would absolutely crack the royal shits if it were up to me, even if I have the best intentions. There’s something about the smell of the mother’s scent and voice that soothes the child. I’m loathed to say it, but fathers do feel jealous of the attention they aren’t getting from the child.

I know things will change and my role as a father will become more prominent as Levi gets older. Right now though, I just can’t see it.