Okay, Levi Is Definitely My Son…

Posted on June 15, 2010


Hello there, I hope you have all been well.

It’s been a little hectic at home this week, so I haven’t been able to find some alone time (for the blog) let alone my other private interests. Of course, I could blame the World Cup but I won’t. After all, a man is obliged to have a little late night indulgence once every four years.

Michele and I have had many casual conversations involving mostly the none-resemblance of Levi to myself. My son is, after all a beautiful boy of mixed ethnicities so his features are really different. It’s hard to finger where he’s from without looking at who his parents are.

Which also means – as any parents of mixed babies are aware of – Levi’s appearance changes each week. One week he would look more like Michele, with the darker and stronger features; the other he would look more like me, with the broader and more Asian features.

Hilarity ensues when Michele and I argue about who Levi resembles most, which somehow degenerates into a “He is my son” water cooler gossip. As Levi’s features are still developing, it’s hard to determine a true winner.

However, while perusing my baby pictures several weeks ago, I stumbled upon a picture which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt who Levi definitely takes after.


Levi, May 2010 and me, circa 1979.

Check out our foreheads. Large, bony and high.

Michele, I don’t care if he has your eyes, nose, mouth and ears. At the end of the day he has my forehead. So he looks more like me. I win.

*cue Darth Vader*

“I am your father!!!”