Nappies – How & Why?

Posted on June 20, 2010


Hello, I hope you are all well.

One of the biggest bugbears of mine is the purchase of nappies. Levi goes through them really quickly and a sizeable chunk of the family income goes towards collecting poo and pee.


Stacked three high in Levi's room. I wonder how long they will last!

In Australia, Huggies rules the roost in Nappyland. It’s the undisputed nappy brand and apart from a few independent brands with cheaper price tags or questionable defecating retention, Huggies is the way to go.

While there has been successful attempts by smaller brands of nappies (particularly the nappies from Aldi) to capture a bigger share of the nappy market, it’s pretty much Huggies oi oi oi. Our family too, uses Huggies.

Sometimes I question the pricing of Huggies nappies. With an average price of $36/box of 99, a nappy costs about $0.36. If you factor in the number of nappies an average child goes through a day, that’s almost $3/day.

Now $0.36/nappy is on a good day. The duo-monopoly of supermarket kings, Coles and Safeway charge an exorbitant $42/box of 99, or $0.42 a nappy. Now unless there’s an emergency poo crisis, I can’t really see anyone purchasing nappies from these retailers. Actually, I’ve never seen anyone buy nappies from them. Not. Ever.

We tend to purchase our nappies from Babies “R” Us or Baby Buntings. Sometimes, Big W have them on specials as well. Rule of thumb is, if it works out to around $0.30 a nappy, it’s pretty cheap.

Up until his third month, Levi was going through nappies as frequently as he needs breast milk. The more he fed, the more he defecated. During this time, Levi went through two sizes and is now on the Crawler size.

Levi will be on Crawlers for a few more months as he doesn’t fill it out as much as did with the Infant size. I’m happy for him to remain at this size as it appears every time he goes up by one size, the nappies get larger, we get less nappies per dollar and I start wondering if we should have just stuck with cloth nappies!