Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 3 Months

Posted on June 24, 2010


We took Levi to our MCH clinic on Monday for a 3 months check up at the request of our lovely MCH nurse who probably adores Levi to death and wants to see how much he has grown.

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In four weeks Levi has put on 280 grams, grew 3 cm taller and the circumference of his head increased by another cm. Does this mean my son is growing at an incredible rate or is he just one big, fat chubba who loves his breast milk?

The MCH nurse also advised us to flop Levi over to his front for some ‘tummy time’. Michele and I will confess we haven’t been turning Levi over as often as we would like, preferring instead to leave Levi on his back while he’s left alone to his own devices on his play mat. With our supervision, of course.

While on his front, Levi was able to perform ‘mini push ups’ by lifting his head and looking around. However when left on his back and his arms pulled up gently towards the MCH nurse, Levi wasn’t able to lift his head with his neck muscles. The MCH nurse wasn’t concerned, as it just takes time for Levi to develop his own strength. We were also encouraged to try this method at home every day to increase Levi’s dependence on his neck, partly to increase strength but mostly to challenge himself.

Poor boy’s only several months old but he’s already been set targets! Who’d have thought being a baby was easy?