Welcome Home, Toby!

Posted on June 30, 2010


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Toby was picked up from the vet late evening yesterday. Still recovering from the day surgery, he was semi-conscious as the anesthesia hasn’t worn off and morphine was still coursing through his veins.

The ride back home was very, unlike most rides with Toby, really quiet and uneventful as Toby sprawled out comfortably across the passenger seat looking at me with confused eyes. If I were him, I’d feel the same way too.

The vet advised me Toby would still require another week’s of antibiotics and some medication. He would also require a warm salt water bath around his bum area to cleanse the wound before it completely heals. A checkup next week is also required, just to make sure Toby is passed with a clean bill of ‘bum’ health.

As I speak, Toby’s wagging his tail, willing me to throw his toy. He is his usual self again, but what a remarkable change within 24 hours!

Michele and I are just glad Toby is fine and recovering. He’s really annoying at times, but it’s nice to have him at home as he is after all, part of the family and brings us so much joy.