Malaysian Hawker Food @ Australian Prices

Posted on July 6, 2010


I took the family for a little blast from the past with some good old fashioned Malaysian hawker food (at Melbourne’s suburbia prices).

Michele and I discovered the Hawthorn Petaling Street while on a – believe it or not – maternity clothes shopping trip to Ripe Maternity after discovering Michele was pregnant.

Taken from the popular food blog, here’s a great review of Petaling Street for those who miss food from this part of the world.

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Michele and I genuinely miss good and hearty food we grew up on. Rule of thumb in Melbourne is, if an Asian restaurant has lots of white people in it, the cooks don’t know what they are doing. Scores of Asian restaurants in Chinatown suffer this ailment; fortunately good Malaysian fare can be found in Petaling Street.

Michele and I had a reservation for three as Levi told me he wanted to try them but alas upon getting there he fell asleep. I tried really hard to stir him from his sleep but to no avail. We ended up ordering three wonderful dishes which our stomach duly obliged.