An Almighty Itch!

Posted on July 7, 2010



Because of this little pill, overnight I developed muscles all over my body including a beautiful six pack. I'm also able to run 100 meters under 11 seconds. I love performance enhancing drugs!

For the last three days I have been taking steroids to enhance my performance when I eh…scratch my head.

I was born with eczema and until my early twenties never had it diagnosed properly. Them bloody Asian doctors always had me misdiagnosed with ‘symptoms of the blood’ and ‘poor yin’ or some silly Eastern medication requiring seahorse penis broth to balance my qi. Or something like that.

It wasn’t until I moved to Australia did I realize I have eczema. Which meant out with the ridiculous Eastern medications, and in with moisturizers.

With eczema also came an intensely itchy scalp that has been driving me mad spastic insane in the last two years. In an attempt to sooth my raging scalp, I found peace with Ionil T shampoo.

After awhile the smell of the tar just got to me and I started looking for another brand. DermaVeen has been my best hair friend for the last year and until recently I’ve never had a problem with my scalp. The pleasant oatmeal scent helps too.

How odd we are in the deep of winter and for some reason my itch has come back to haunt me. I was scratching every minute and every day. I trimmed my nails, I washed my hands. I was doubling over in pain and was close to ripping my head off my neck. Double washes of DermaVeen a day wasn’t helping, so it was a quick trip to the doctor.

Doctor took a DNA sample of my scalp (cotton swab of my head no less!) and prescribed some steroids. Amazingly my itch has disappeared. Until then I’ll be completing my dosage of performance enhancing drug while awaiting the DNA results. The doctor did say I might need to referred to the dermatologist if the steroids do not arrest the problem.

How strange this little pill is! What a miracle worker!