Tattoo Of Levi

Posted on July 9, 2010


Hello, I hope you are all well.

I have been wanting to get a tattoo of the birth of Levi since the day I started toying with the idea of proposing to Michele. I’m not big on tattoos, and if anything I’ve always played the sensible card and gotten the sensible tattoo instead of one I would regret in the years to come.

Levi’s birth is a very significant moment of my life and I wish to mark it on me permanently. Only trouble is I’ve hit a brick wall with the presentation of the tattoo.

The tattoo will be on the side of my calves so it’s under the assumption Michele and I will be having two children. Unless I have a third calf that I do not know about.

I know the letters L-E-V-I will be boldly visible and I’ve also decided to include his birthday. But just how it will look is a complete mystery to me.

Jumping online I found this interesting page of parents with tattoos of their children in all shapes and forms.

I’m not too keen on the footprint idea. It’s cool as an art decor hanging on the wall, but having Levi’s feet on me just…yuck.

I’ve been toying with the idea of using feathers to illustrate Levi’s name on my calf. I have a tattoo of a feather above my right breast. It’s the feather from the Angel of Redemption with a little tear drop at the end of it. Check out the transformation:

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I’ll stick to uniformity and play it safe with feathers as it’s intricate yet non-threatening. I feel lots of people these days lose the plot with tattoos and do not have a completely valid reason to get a tattoo.

I’ll keep looking around for ideas.