Aquila Asia: My First Foray Into Print

Posted on July 23, 2010



Aquila Asia #3 Jul/Aug 2010


Levi's birth is detailed over a sumptuous two page full-coloured spread. To read the article, go check out the magazine!

Yet within three hours of Levi’s birth, I was negotiating the treacherous path of Fatherhood 101. With an expert midwife next to me, I was tackling the dirty nappy like a pro. Strip, wipe, apply and strap on!

Hello all, I hope you have been well.

My journey through parenthood – from the early days of being an expectant father to sleep deprivation – has been well chronicled under various online guises and series from The Marching Jester and

This week my take on fatherhood is presented in a new format – print.

Aquila Asia is the world’s first English language fashion and lifestyle magazine for cosmopolitan Muslim women in Southeast Asia.

The third issue – released every two months – has just been printed and is now available in leading bookstores and news agents around Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

My series on fatherhood, titled ‘Living with Levi’ covers facets of my family’s life not normally discussed publicly on The Marching Jester or

This is a very exciting moment for me. It’s all a little much to take in as writing has always been a passion of mine and to have my byline appear in print form represents an achievement in my fledgling writing career.

If you’re in that part of the world, go check out the magazine or better yet check out the website.