Oh King Of Fruits How I Miss Thee!

Posted on July 31, 2010


Hi there, I hope you are all well.

Whether by chance or calculated risk, Levi’s trip to Singapore coincided with me being in Singapore too. Doh! I am the father after all…

I went back to Singapore with several agendas. The first is to sample all the delicious local fare I have grown to love for over two decades of my life. The second is to smother my taste buds silly with the soft, creamy flesh of the king of fruits, the durian.

Now I won’t go into detail what the durian is, as a simple google search would reveal all kinds of hilarious stories (mostly lies) about the pungent fruit that’s banned in airplanes and the subject of much vile controversy and distaste by foreigners (mostly white).

But, as is most foods around the world, where local favourites are determined by where you are, if you weren’t brought up in South-East Asia chances are your experience with the durian are mostly foul and revolting.

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I remember feeding myself into a durian frenzy and consumed one-and-a-half durians. That’s a lot of durian in one sitting. I felt so sick after that I developed a sore throat for two days after. But it’s worth the pain!